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Microsites – a brief introduction

Microsites, Uniform portals, Merch Sites – it’s all basically the same thing. At Blackdown Clothing were constantly trying to innovate, we know our customers love our keen pricing and great service but were always looking to deliver more.

Microsites are our latest innovation, we take our website and with a bit of tech magic we create a ‘copy’, with some branding we add your logos, color

If you are a team, club, or merchandise seller we can set the system to automatically pay you a commission on each sale, if you are one of our B2B credit account customers we can set this up to just be a hassle-free way of ordering. The possibilities are endless.

If you feel one of our microsites could work for your team, club or business – get in touch with the team today and well be happy to discuss them with you further.

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